Children’s Hope Residential Services Organization

Founded by James Aldrich CEO in 2002, Children’s Hope Residential Services is a nonprofit organization providing support and care for abused and neglected adolescents placed with Children’s Protective Services who struggle with emotional and/or behavioral issues. Since its founding, the organization has helped over 2,000 children across Texas.

Residential Life

The Residential Life Program provides 24-hour care at three separate treatment centers. Each center has a specialized Care Team, which includes health care professionals, therapists, direct care counselors, case managers, and administrative staff. The Care Team ensures every child is taken care of and has a safe, supportive environment to process the trauma they have experienced.  Children also participate in therapeutic programming to help them learn basic skills and form healthy relationships with caregivers and peers.

Foster Care

Children’s Hope Residential Services also serves foster children to help them cope with their trauma and heal. Many children who have been neglected or abused have lost trust in others. Through healthy, functional parenting and peer relationships, this program helps rebuild trust within each child.

Day Treatment Program

The Day Treatment Program serves children who need more care and support than an outpatient program but do not require residential care. Children in this program participate in psycho-educational groups that teach coping skills, stress management, and drug education, as well as weekly individual therapy sessions and psychiatrist evaluations.

Aftercare Services

Children’s Hope Residential Services offers aftercare services to children and families who have completed a Children’s Hope treatment program. These services are also offered to individuals in the community, who can participate in group, family, and individual therapy sessions.

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