3 Reasons to Become a Youth Mentor

By | March 20, 2017

Have you been considering volunteering as a mentor at Children’s Hope Residential Services? Founded by CEO James Aldrich in 2002, Children’s Hope Residential Services aims to help children build a healthy and happy future by providing services such as foster care, residential life, day treatment, and aftercare services.
By volunteering as a mentor, you will spend quality time with children and teens, offering support, confidence, encouragement, and fun.  Here are three great reasons to become a youth mentor:


1. You’ll positively impact a child’s life

Mentoring is a powerful tool that can positively affect the lives of children and youth. Mentoring guarantees them there is someone other than a family member or a teacher who cares about them and is willing to invest time in them. When youth see that someone cares about them because they want not and not because they have to, they recognize their self-worth.

2. Give back to your community

Think of a mentor you had growing up. Someone who cared about you, inspired you, and had a positive influence on the person you are today. By becoming a youth mentor you can give back to your community and be an inspiration in someone’s life.

3. It’s simple and highly rewarding

The concept of mentoring is simple: spending time with youth. You can do this by playing sports, doing arts and crafts, hosting special events, or tutoring children. Mentoring also doesn’t require a lot of time and you’ll have a huge impact on a mentee.


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