It Takes A Village: How Children’s Hope Residential Services Is Improving Lives Of Youth

By | April 25, 2017

Children under the care of the state have already seen far too much for being at such a young and vulnerable age. Be it risks to their welfare, physical or sexual threats, abandonment or simply exhausting every other option, court-ordered protective services is never the preferred outcome but sometimes the only viable one. Following placement in protective services, some children and teens will come to Children’s Hope Residential Services, a Texas-based non-profit founded in 2002 by James Aldrich CEO.

From foster care to residential services and more, youth who come under the wing of Children’s Hope Residential Services are bound to benefit from a caring staff who have years of experience working with struggling children. After all, experience has shown us that it takes a village to raise a child. Under the careful guidance of James Aldrich CEO, the facility has three residential treatment centers and has helped more than 2,000 children across Texas. Children’s Hope Residential Services boasts 24-hour care that can be adjusted to fit the need of any struggling child who enters our doors.

You may be wondering about residential life at Children’s Hope Residential Services. We offer a wide array of entertainment, educational and health-promoting programs designed to relax, reinvigorate and rebuild confidence of all children who become part of our family. We’ve welcomed children whose lives have been so difficult up to this point that they have required help with some basic life functions. However, out patient staff has seen this process through and been able to get them back on track.

We’ve also had to fortune to be able to brainstorm and craft programs such as our therapeutic art course, which is bound to benefit any child who opts to give it a try. We also assist with writing letters, reading aloud, study time and more. These programs are all designed to prepare those who’ve come to Children’s Hope Residential Services for adulthood. The belief of James Aldrich CEO is that any child who comes to this program in their time of dire need will leave a  better and healthier person.

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