3 Reasons to Become a Youth Mentor

Have you been considering volunteering as a mentor at Children’s Hope Residential Services? Founded by CEO James Aldrich in 2002, Children’s Hope Residential Services aims to help children build a healthy and happy future by providing services such as foster care, residential life, day treatment, and aftercare services. By volunteering as a mentor, you will… Read More »

Volunteering at Children’s Hope Residential Services

Are you looking to volunteer in your local community? As a volunteer, you can give back to those in need, while expanding your knowledge, experience, and interpersonal skills. And, you can have fun while doing it. Children’s Hope Residential Services, a nonprofit founded by James Aldrich, CEO, offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers. Children’s… Read More »

3 Tips for Being a Good Mentor

James Aldrich, CEO, founded Children’s Hope Residential Services to help abused and neglected children build a brighter future. A big part of Children’s Hope’s programs is mentorships. Through mentorships, the children can learn to trust others again, as well as build healthy relationships. Mentorships offer endless benefits for both the mentor and mentee. Mentors can… Read More »